The responsible pharmacist must:

  1. ensure that he or she continuously supervises the pharmacy in which he or she has been appointed;
  2. have appropriate qualifications and experience in the services being rendered by such pharmacy;
  3. ensure that persons employed in such pharmacy and who provide services forming part of the scope of practice of a pharmacist are appropriately registered with the SAPC;
  4. notify the SAPC immediately upon receiving knowledge that his/her services as responsible pharmacist have been or will be terminated;
  5. take corrective measures in respect of deficiencies with regard to inspection reports of the SAPC or in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act, 101 of 1965; and
  6. in addition to the general responsibilities also:
    1. ensure that unauthorised persons do not obtain access to medicines or scheduled substances or the pharmacy premises outside of normal trading hours;
    2. establish policies and procedures for the employees of the pharmacy with regard to the acts performed and services provided in the pharmacy;
    3. ensure the safe and effective storage and keeping of medicine or scheduled substances in the pharmacy under his or her direct personal supervision; and
    4. ensure correct and effective record keeping of the purchase, sale, possession, storage, safekeeping and return of medicines or scheduled substances.

Registered Persons