After the learner has enrolled with the provider for the qualification, the provider will submit the application for registration with Council online. On registration with Council, the learner will receive a notification to download the registration certificate and letter from his/her profile on the secure site. The learner must follow-up with the provider timely if the notification is not received. Change of tutor, change of facility and change of provider applications must be submitted by the Learner or provider online.

Follow the links below to access the application forms relevant to Learners:

2021 Declaration of 2080 Hours

2021 Application form - RPL Learner Basic and Learner Post Basic

2021 Application form - LB & LPB Registration, Revised qualification

2021 Application form - Trainee Cession of Contract

2021 Application form - Traineeship Contract 

2021 Application form - Update Personal Information

Registered Persons