Registered Organisations

In order to be accredited/approved as a new provider of education & training an Accreditation/monitoring visit instrument should be completed and be submitted electronically to the South African Pharmacy Council by a head of school. The estimated turnaround time for the process is four months.

Requirements for Designate Pharmacist/Head of School

  • The head must be qualified to provide leadership in pharmacy professional education and practice, including research, scholarly activities and service.
  • They must unite and inspire administrators, faculty, staff, mentors and students toward achievement of the mission and goals.

Extra Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate pharmacy qualification enabling registration with Council as a pharmacist, for example, the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm), plus a relevant postgraduate qualification.
  • Registration as a pharmacist with Council.

Follow the links to download application forms listed below:

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2021 Application form - BPharm Course Provider

2021 Application form - Supplementary Training Course Provider

2020 Application form - Provider Registration

2019 Application form - PA Provider and Course extension

2020 List of Accredited Providers

2021 Application form - Approval as a Provider of a Supplementary Training Course

2021 Application form - Approval of a BPharm Course

2020 Application form - Approval of CPD or Short Course

2021 Application form - Approval as a provider of the OC_PT

2020 Application form - Approval of a PT course or qualification

2020 Application form - Accreditation_Monitoring Instrument

2019 Application form - Approval of Supplementary Training Course