Traineeship may be conducted in any of the following pharmacy sectors of pharmacy: community, institutional (hospital), wholesale or manufacturing, provided they are approved by Council for training. Trainees must be registered under an approved tutor in the approved facility and are required to receive exposure to different aspects within the specific training facility. The approved tutor remains responsible for the training of the trainee during rotations. The traineeship for all sectors must extend over a period of at least six months (26 weeks).

At the end of the traineeship period, the tutor is responsible for confirming that the education and training was conducted to his or her satisfaction. This is achieved through submission of progress reports at 12 and 24 weeks (see Trainee Manual). Trainees who have completed a minimum of six weeks under a tutor and have favourable progress reports will be eligible for registration as pharmacy technicians in the category PAPB on submission of required application documents.

The PALPB / PT trainee undergoing traineeship must perform the scope of practice of a pharmacist’s assistant post-basic. During the traineeship, the trainee should gain practical experience in and knowledge of the pharmacy practice setting. The traineeship programme instils a specific approach and attitude towards the profession so that graduates are able to practise as competent pharmacy professionals at the end of the period. The programme is based on a set of exit-level outcomes which describe the knowledge, skills and attitudes required.

Registered Persons