Professional Examination for Foreign-qualified Persons

Only foreign-qualified persons whose application for recognition/registration as pharmacists has been approved by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) may sit for the professional examination for foreign-qualified persons. The professional exams take place in May and October of each year and are written at venues determined by the SAPC. Duly completed application forms and applicable fees must be sent to the SAPC at least one month before the date of the professional examination.


Please click here to access the professional examination (27 May, 30 May and 03 June 2024).

Only candidates booked for the professional examination will be able to access the examination.

The professional exams are open-book examinations. Applicants are required to achieve a minimum of 50% in each paper written in order to pass and be registered.

Candidates are allowed a maximum of four (4) attempts at the exam in a period of four (4) years, after which they will no longer be considered for registration as a Pharmacist in South Africa.

Examination Format

The examination papers are in the form of “open book” examination. The full Professional Examination consists of three examination papers written on different days or as determined by Council:

  1. Applied Pharmacy Practice in a Legal Framework
  2. The examination in applied pharmacy practice within a legal framework is an integrated examination based on pharmacy administration, professional pharmacy practice, and ethics and legislation case study and practice scenario questions. This paper is written over four (4) hours.
  3. Applied Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  4. The examination in applied pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry consists of two parts, i.e. a section based on pharmaceutics and a section based on pharmaceutical chemistry. This paper will be written over three (3) hours.
  5. Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology
  6. The examination in applied pharmacology and toxicology assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the basic principles of pharmacology and toxicology and is written over three (3) hours.

After examination papers have been marked by the examiner(s), they are moderated. The examination results are approved by Council before they are released to candidates. Letters are sent to candidates with the results of the examination. Council endeavours to have the results available within two (2) months of the date of the examination.

Examination Practice Papers

To assist in your preparations for the professional examination, the SAPC makes the following practice papers available (click on title to download):

  1. Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology
  2. Applied Pharmacy Practice in a Legal Framework
  3. Applied Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section A (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  4. Applied Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section B (Pharmaceutics)

Further information on the Professional Examination for Foreign-qualified Persons is available in the 2024 Brochure Foreign Graduate Registration Guidelines.

Foreign-qualified Persons Professional Examination Study Guide

The SAPC produces the Guidelines to the South African Professional Examination for pharmacists with foreign qualifications annually. This is a guide containing detailed information on the professional examination for foreign-qualified persons as well as competencies and exit level outcomes. To download the 2024 Professional Examination Study Guide click here.


View the SAPC 2024 Online Professional Examination Workshop here.



The 2024 Professional Examination Workshop presentation is available for download here.

Professional Exam Dates for 2024:

Applied Pharmacy Practice in a Legal Framework 27 May 2024 7 October 2024
Applied Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 30 May 2024 9 October 2024
Applied Pharmacology and Toxicology 03 June 2024 11 October 2024





  Council reserves the right to cancel/postpone any exam sitting should there be a low number of candidates for any scheduled exam.

Foreign-qualified Persons